Hello Expat Family!

By | August 9, 2016

I like to start off this first blog post by saying hello and welcome to all you who have come to visit this amazing community of expats!

Let me give you a quick introduction about myself before I get into what Expat Informant is all about. I’m an American from upstate South Carolina, currently living in Kuwait. Growing up with a very humbling upbringing, I didn’t get to travel much outside of my hometown. All of that changed when I left home for the military right after graduating from high school. It wasn’t long until I found myself on a plane on my way to the middle east for my first taste of life outside of our beloved country. Fast forward 10 years, returning to civilian life, I have a passion for traveling and living outside of my home country. I’ve traveled to Colombia, Philippines, and am now living in Kuwait where I met my beautiful wife from the Philippines. Kuwait is a prime location for seeing different parts of the world and I plan on taking full advantage of this opportunity to see as many countries as possible.

So now that we got that out of the way, (LOL) what exactly is Expat Informant all about? The goal of Expat Informant, in summary, is to take out as much of the stress as possible that can come with visiting and living in a foreign country so we all can enjoy our time abroad! For all my fellow expats living in Kuwait I have a lot of information to share that I’ve gained through my experiences. Additionally, I will be sharing experiences and information that I gain about other countries I travel to. Not just on this website, but also on YouTube @conciousinsight.

This is a community of expats so I encourage all of you to share your experiences and connect with each other. Don’t be shy! The Expat Informant community is a special family, so let’s support each other to get the most of the amazing experience of living abroad.

Thanks for visiting and joining this unique family. Best of luck and happy travels to you all!

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