Best Deals are in Kuwait

By | January 23, 2017

While searching for a new camera to use for a few new projects I’m about to start working on, I’m realizing that there are some things you can purchase for less on the Kuwait economy instead of ordering from an online store such as Amazon.

For example, one of the camera’s I looked at was the Canon EOS 700D, which includes a 55mm lense, for 109.900 KD (about $350) at Lulu Hypermarket. This same camera on Amazon, just the body, costs $390. With the lens included on Amazon is an additional $100 for a total of $490!

This was surprising for me due to the fact of things typically being more expensive in Kuwait than most areas in the states. Even the high cost of living economy of Northern Virginia where I lived for almost a year before moving here. I’m happy to have discovered this so now I know to look local when in search for the best deals. By the way, I’m sure there can be cheaper alternatives through places like Friday Market or looking in one of the many (not sure what to call them) shops scattered all over Kuwait, but I’m not a huge fan of the haggling process that you usually have to go through to get a low fair price. I’m more of a same tagged price for everyone kind of guy than a “how much you want for this” then counter offer kind of guy. This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed something was significantly cheaper on the local market, but for some reason it really hit home this time.

Before, if I bought something local it was more for convenience than worrying about the price. For instance, I bought a wireless home router at Xcite because I didn’t want to wait a week plus to wait for it to get shipped to me through the mail.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Comment below with your experience and deals you have found in Kuwait or online. Where’s your favorite place to shop in Kuwait?

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