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Take the Stress off Living Abroad

About Expat Informant

I decided to make this site because getting things done in a foreign country can be challenging because of all the limited, “for sure” knowledge for how to get things accomplished while living and working abroad. Like me, I know there are many expats out there who get frustrated on a daily basis with getting the runaround to accomplish simple tasks. So many have a lot of advice or share their stories about their experiences getting things done, but this advice comes well after they actually went through the experience resulting in them forgetting much of the important time saving details.


My goal is to post information as soon as I go through each scenario so that all the pertinent details are still fresh in my mind with as much detail as I can possibly give. You can also share your experiences as you discover the how to’s through your journey of getting something done as a visitor or resident in a foreign country.


Let’s make living abroad as painless as possible so we can enjoy why we are truly living outside of our home country. Life is too short to stress over the simple things.

-Expat Informant